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eShakti provides classy styles for female consumers through the clothing and accessories offered on the website. There are a variety of fabrics and colors to choose from, in sizes ranging from zero to 26W. eShakti prides itself in being able to provide both ready-to-wear styles and custom pieces to females. As the eShakti vision explains, "Never will you hear from us that your size is not available."

eShakti brand clothing pieces are fun and feminine, while staying current in the trends. There are both solid clothing items and great prints. eShakti carries:

In addition, there is a New Arrivals section at eShakti and an Overstock category that provides discounts on high-quality garments.

Each category can be filtered for quick search by:

For shipping, eShakti ships only to residents of the United States and Canada. eShakti ships clothing in five business days and delivers in 8-12 business days. This policy includes customized clothing! Jewelry and accessories ordered on their own are shipped the same business day.

eShakti: What makes it different?

eShaki stands apart from its competitors largely due to its ability to customize its clothing:

  • eShakti provides both ready-to-wear and customized clothes all on one website. Many online competitors only provide one option instead of both for women.
  • Clothing can be customized by size and by style.
  • Any size or shape of body can fit into the clothing, given the range of sizes and custom tailoring services. Fit and style are not compromised!
  • eShakti provides measurement tips to help consumers correctly measure their bodies prior to placing order; the tips help consumers to get the desired fit in terms of size and style.
  • Consumers have the option of custom styling. For example, a dress can be adjusted for length, sleeve type, or waistband to suit the individual. A unique style is created.
  • Provides gift card options. Gift an eShakti Gift Card, available in denominations of $30, $50, $100 and $150 USD. Not all online retailers provide a gift card option.
eShakti vs. primary competitors (sites similar to eShakti)

Leading competitors to eShakti are DHStyles, MYTheresa, and Boston Proper. Each competitor can be compared to eShakti in terms of pros and cons for consumers.

Pros of DHStyles:

  • Its focus on women's junior trends is great for young women looking to wear the trendy pieces of the season. eShakti does not focus on juniors.
  • Ships worldwide. eShakti only ships to the United States and Canada.
  • Sells sunglasses and belts. eShakti does not sell these fashion accessories.

Cons of DHStyles:

  • The focus on juniors excludes women older in age; eShakti fashions suit any age given the range of colors and classic styles.
  • Not all women may be comfortable wearing the sexy, tight fashions of DHStyles. At eShakti, consumers can personally adjust pieces for fit and style at time of order.
  • Currently, sign up for eShakti and receive $20 USD off first order. At DHStyles, the sign-up incentive is currently only $5 USD.

For MyTheresa, the pros are:

  • Consumers personalize website according to region, destination, and language. eShakti does not provide these online options.
  • Features several top brands, such as Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent. eShakti sells only its own brands. Consumers may prefer to choose between designer brands.
  • Offers unique categories for clothing, such as Black Tie, Beach Vacation, and Workwear.

Cons of MyTheresa are:

  • Sells luxury designs. Consumers on a budget may prefer the reasonable pricing of eShakti.
  • Does not provide customization services like eShakti does.
  • Does not have the range of sizing provided at eShakti.

Pros of Boston Proper:

  • Has a complete section devoted to athletic wear for women. eShakti has fewer options for athletic wear.
  • Option of catalog shopping. eShakti does not have this option.
  • Boston Proper sells footwear, while eShakti does not sell shoes. 

Cons of Boston Proper:

  • Has a sizing chart but does not customize styles like eShakti.
  • Brands its clothing for women as sensuous; women who are not comfortable with this statement will likely prefer the classic styles of eShakti.
  • Does not provide the same-day shipping option for jewelry-only orders that eShakti provides its consumers.
eShakti: Pricing & packages

Examples of pricing at eShakti are:

The Overstock section at eShakti offers up to 40% off items! Current items include:

The clothing items are less expensive than MyTheresa. For example, both website offer shift dresses but at very different prices:

  • eShakti: Felted wool shift dress - $47.95 USD. Reduced from $79.95 USD.
  • MyTheresa: Color-block shift dress - €415 USD

eShakti has reasonable prices for high-quality and personalized clothing and accessories for women.

eShakti: Product images & screenshots
eShakti Coupons
eShakti: Customer reviews & comments

There are online reviews from consumers regarding eShakti. Here are some of the reviews:

Consumer kccakegirl gives eShakti two out of five stars. She writes that the website made an error with the order:

  • "Then my mom received her dresses and one was too big (proportions were WAY off, the waist was down to her bellybutton and the length was supposed to be above knee length and was mid-calf), one was too small. And one was supposed to be bright blue but was black. They let her return them but she had to pay $16 in shipping for their mistakes.I got an email over a month after I ordered mine saying the dress I ordered wasn't available anymore and it was canceled. Probably a good thing."

Consumer hijkl writes that eShakti did not deliver one dress that was part of the order:

  • "When my items came I received 2 of the same dresses and one of my dresses was missing. I ended up returning 5 dresses and keeping 3 and it costs me 21$ to mail the dresses back to WA. I will never order from this company again. The dresses fit well because I custom ordered it but they weren’t amazing fabrics or dresses. I am very disapointed in this company."

Katie likes the details on the blouse she ordered from eShakti:

  • "The extra long cuffs and gorgeous fabric covered buttons (which are also down the front of the blouse) - I love little details like that. Quite possibly my favorite part: The ruffle front - how adorable is this? Wait, it gets better: It is detachable! I love having multi-use items. I can wear this blouse with both the ruffles and without the ruffles for two totally different looks."
Best Available eShakti Coupon:
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